I am a lifelong Iowa guy with a passion for really good coffee. My interest started over 20 years ago, when I bought my first whole bean coffee grinder. Since then I've been a student in the art of a good cup of coffee. I've spent time talking with coffee shop owners and roasters across the city, the state, and the country, learning different methods and tricks to produce the most flavorful cup of coffee. We began roasting green coffee at home several years ago. This is fun to do and provides a much better than ordinary cup, but we couldn't produce the even, consistent roasts that only come with drum roasting. We now have a commercial grade drum roaster, and can provide the most even, consistent batch roasts you will find. My beans are roasted at about a Medium, which preserves the delicate tones and notes of the coffee which are lost when beans are over roasted. We start with top quality beans, hand picked on small farms in the Central and South Americas, and in the African regions. Every batch is personally attended through the roast, listening for the cracks and pops that occur as a result of the thousands of chemical changes the beans go through as they are being roasted. This is home roast by time and temperature, but more importantly, by close personal attention!

My goal is to provide an unforgettable coffee experience to everyone who tries my beans.

We also want to provide coffee to you at an affordable price, coffee of quality that will blow away the big commercial roasters and store bought beans you buy that have been sitting around for months!

Chances are high most of you have been drinking low grade, worn out coffee most of your lives, and have never experienced a fresh, natural roast. I hope to change the way you think about coffee, and that you learn to enjoy it at it's finest and purest.