Coffee brewing is the last critical step in your coffee making process. We are dealing with three elements here: time, temperature, and pressure. Most (nearly all) drip coffee makers do not get the water up to 190 degrees, the optimal temperature for brewing. On top of that, the water passes through the ground coffee so fast it doesn't extract the body and flavor the roast deserves. So you get an underdeveloped, watery cup. A much better method of brewing would be to use an Aeropress and a teapot. Heat the water to boiling and turn the heat off. While it starts to cool off, load your Aeropress with two scoops of freshly ground coffee. Add the hot water to the Aeropress, put the filter cap on, wait 50 seconds, and press the brew slowly in to your cup. It has a vacuum going, and is putting the water into the coffee under pressure. At this point, you have a quality cup of espresso, ready to enjoy! Or, you can pour some more of your hot water in the cup and stir it in for a few seconds, and you've got a great cup of coffee. This is my recommended method of brewing. I have the Aeropress on the Shop page of my website for $31.95. My main goal is to give you a better brew method at an affordable price.