We'll get right to the point. Keurig sells convenience. It's become a national craze. But what is Keurig, really, when it gets down to it? Bad coffee for one.  Old, ground, stale coffee in a little cup about a quarter full. Expensive..wasteful...machines that don't last very long...yeah, that about sums it all up. But oh boy people love cute little packages and nice looking machines, don't they.

The real...

The best way to make coffee does not require expensive equipment..if we think of coffee like bread, we can be very accurate with our coffee experience, without the hype and fluff.

Green coffee can be thought of as flour. Properly stored, it can last for years with little deterioration. Roasted coffee is fresh food. Picture that home made loaf of bread just coming out of the oven...it doesn't get any better than that. It's the same with fresh roasted coffee. Like bread, you've got a few weeks max after it is roasted to enjoy the healthful, fresh taste and smells that cannot be preserved. Now think of sliced bread- that is ground coffee. It should be used right away. 

Now imagine sliced bread being shipped from warehouses around the country and distributed to stores and retail shops, and sitting on the shelves for weeks and months, and even a year or more. That's what you are getting when you buy store bought and commercial retail coffee. It's junk. When it comes to coffee, simple and fresh are all you need. The rest is all hype.