Have you experienced the stomach pains, nausea, and jitters that comes from drinking bad coffee? I know I did for years. Coffee that sits around for over a month degrades and becomes useless as a drink, other than to feed a caffeine addiction. Good quality, freshly roasted, freshly ground beans leave you feeling good! Yes, you get the buzz, but without the negative side effects. I have had people tell me my coffee is the best they've had, no stomach pain, headaches, just good coffee! I've been drinking two 16 oz. thermos cups a day of Mike's Natural Roast for months, with no side effects, other than looking forward to the next cup. Yes, it takes a little extra effort to buy fresh, grind fresh, and use an Aeropress or good pour over brew method. I guarantee you haven't had coffee the way it should be unless you do these things.

Mike's Natural Roast  is world class quality and freshness at grocery store prices!