By now you know my motto is: "Friends don't let friends drink crap coffee". Recently I discovered the beautiful island of Grand Cayman has virtually no good coffee. I discovered only a handful of coffee shops on the Island. I finally did have a long conversation with a worker at Kaibo Coffee House (Great name for it)! She showed me where their coffee comes from....Miami. Not good. Pre-Roasted as well. Not fresh. Thankfully I brought a couple dozen packets of VIA (not good but not totally undrinkable). I'd estimate 90-95% of the coffee out there is junk. It just takes a small effort to go from undrinkable garbage to the wonderful elixer of life: Good water, good quality freshly roasted coffee, ground and brewed within two weeks of roasting. A good brew method, like Aeropress. Go for it, you'll experience a side of life that is most enjoyable!