General Notes:

Packaging is in simple, 100% recyclable bags, in 1 pound size.. My goal is to give you the best coffee experience possible at the lowest price I can. The rest is up to you. You are starting with fresh, live coffee roasted to bring out the flavor notes that get lost in old, or burnt, (usually both) coffee that you find in stores and in most big name franchise coffee merchants. To get the best cup, remember the important things:

  1. High quality fresh green coffee.
  2. A precise fresh roast suited to the coffee.
  3. Clean, cold clear water...not tap water.
  4. A good burr grind.
  5. A good brew method like aeropress or pour over. Most drip coffee makers are not kept clean enough and don't make hot enough water to extract the flavor from your coffee.

If you think of coffee as bread, you are on the right track....You have up to 30 days after coffee is roasted to grind and brew. It's best the first two weeks after roast date. Think of roasted coffee as a fresh wrapped loaf of bread.

After grinding, your coffee is like sliced bread. It should be used the same day it is ground, first half hour after grinding is best.

That being said, you will still notice a big difference in my coffee grind and store/vendor bought coffee even if you take a few weeks to use it...because it is fresh when you get it.

"There is fast coffee, then there is good coffee" - Mike